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Basketball Blog

This Blog will contain a constant flow of FREE information on drills, practice plan, animated offense, defense, improving physique, basketball equipment and much more! Hope you all enjoy it!

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Dribble Drive: A Drill Used for Ball Handling

The designing of this drill is done in such a manner that, it enables the basketball players to make specific moves that will help them to shake off the defenders.

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Defending the Pick and Roll-Method to Defend Screen Event

This is a defensive drill which trains the players to respond to the condition of the screen event during the play.

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Fresno Drill

Fresno drill is extraordinary drills which have the fundamentals which are required for on-ball defense, and communication

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Benefits of Three-On-Two Two-On-One Break Drill

hree-on-two two-on-one break drill assists the players in taking benefits on fast break and also making easy baskets for own self as well as for other teammates.

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