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Basketball Stop-n-Go

Allen Iverson stops, Allen Iverson goneWhat is stop-n-go in basketball dribbling?

This basketball dribbling move attacks the mind of the defender.  During the process of driving towards the basketball hoop.  The basketball player suddenly puts on the brakes (You need real good grip on your basketball shoes), eye-fake a shot, and splint for the finish again

Why is stop-n-go useful in basketball dribbling?


-Allow you TIME TO STOP COMPLETELY AND STUDY the defender before making the next basketball move

What are the steps for performing the stop-n-go in basketball dribbling?

  1. Drive towards your defender with great speed
  2. Bounce the ball hard in front
  3. When the basketball is on its way up, hop slightly forward while maintaining the dribble
  4. Maximize the hang-time of the ball by not pushing the basketball back down until you have to
  5. Use the hang-time to observe your defender's movement (stop phase)
  6. Suddenly push the ball in front and burst in full speed again. (go phase)

What are the useful basketball combination moves that incorporates the stop-n-go?

Name of the basketball move: The Stutter

Steps: Drive towards defender on the side --> stop phase --> head fake and shot fake (observe the d) --> go phase --> stop --> bank shot

Level of difficulty:  Low-Intermediate

How and why is this basketball move useful? Easy as it may seem, the basketball move is creating space both horizontally and vertically

Name the basketball move: Collapse of Steps

Steps: Drive forward while keeping distance from defense --> stop-n-go --> post-up dribble (switch very quickly) --> pick up dribble --> 180 spin --> hook shot

Level of difficulty: intermediate

How and why is this basketball move useful? This basketball move screws up the stance of the defender with the switch from stop-n-go to post-up dribbling.  Specifically, the defender has to switch from the side-stepping stance to the anti-post-up stance.

In what situations do I perform the stop-n-go in basketball dribbling

Checklist about your defender

Checklist about the setting

Pros-n-cons about doing the stop-n-go basketball move



  • Highly reversible and flexible move
  • Gives you time to observe the situation
  • Get the defender to move
  • High physical requirement on legs
  • Slows down the game
  • Confuses your teammates with where you are going


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