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Grabbing the Offensive Board


Rebounding is nothing beautiful but plain wrestle and hustle.  It follows that it wins the fewest praise among all aspects of the game.  Rodman is one of the few legendary dominators right below the rim notorious for his monstrous rebounding ability.  What makes people recognize his rebounding ability is his offensive rebounding ability.  We know he jumps high and is muscular, but what makes him so freaken good at offensive rebounding?

No basketball rule says that each team only gets to shoot the ball once.  You still have every right to the ball on offense. You can apply all of the same principles of the defensive rebound to that of the offensive rebound. Boxing out is important, but it may be difficult to get your body in front of the defending player.  Preventing the other rebounders to jump is also important, but there may be too many opposing rebounders to prevent them from jumping.

Against all these overwhelming odds, how does Rodman do it?  it's all about A-D-A.

First, He has Ambition.  It's the ambition to take away something almost rightfully the other team from them.  he has the belief that he can get his hands on the basketball.

Second, he has Determination. It is the determination that drives him to dive and strive without fear of injury and pain just for the possession of the ball.  Not to mention that he has the determination to do it again and again.

Most importantly, he has Anticipation. He is able to anticipate where the ball is.  This comes from countless number of hours of practice.  Roddman is able to approximate the rebounding route of the ball right after the ball leaves the shooter's hand.  The anticipation has become his rebounding instinct after all those practice.  With this anticipation, Roddman can use his agility to get to the rebounding position before the defense.

Here are some important tips for offensive rebounding:

Offensive Free Throw Rebounding

Obviously the offense will be in a disadvantage because the defensive have two of the closest spot to the board. Your best chance of grabbing from the rebound will be tapping the ball away from the board, where your teammates will outnumber theirs.

Don't rebound too aggressively and forget about the defense. Treat offensive free throw rebound as a bonus possession. Rebound only if the defense are sloppy in retrieving the rebound.

Moving Productively and Actively Around The Defense

As a player moves toward and around an opponent (the defense rebounder who is boxing out), the player should consider the most effective way to circle while still maintaining high speed. The fastest way to go around the opponent is by leaning leaning towards him as close as possible with the nearest shoulder. Also, the near foot should step around the defense in an attempt to position the toe in the direction the player plans to go. Once the near shoulder clears the defense, the player should move the arms aggressively to help provide balance as well as boxing out the defense.

Cutting on the inside leg does present risk because of the greater muscular force required to control the higher degree of angular acceleration. If the muscles are weak, injury potential may be greater while cutting on the inside leg. Practicing the technique in slowly increased speed intervals, along with constructive strengthening exercise, will enhance the ability of the muscle to perform over time.

What happens after an offensive rebound?

A pump fake works well after an offensive rebound. The defense is already off balance having been beaten the rebound, and the defenders are mentally discouraged. There a good chance they swipe at the first hint of a shot.

Alternately, depending on the situation, you can always pass it back and reinitiate the offense to chip away at the clock should your team has the upper hand.

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