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How to Make a Mini Basketball Hoop from Almost Nothing?

As a basketball enthusiast, how can you not have a mini hoop hung in your bedroom?

Sometimes we don't need a professional basketball stadium to enjoy the game, all we need is a mini basketball hoop to practice throwing a few mini ball! These hoops are extremely easy to make and can be made for next to nothing. Let's take a look at how you can assemble a few items and get your own in no time flat. A mini basketball hoop is essentially a backboard and a small hoop attached together with some mechanism of either hanging it or affixing it to a surface. Most often, you've seen these attached to the back of doors. They are a fun way to enjoy a little relaxation while studying or relaxing at home. Some places can charge up to $100 for these, but with a little effort you can build your own with just a few simple materials.

First, let's find a backboard. Do you have a piece of old plywood lying around? Maybe a sturdy piece of square plexiglass or plastic? You are looking for something sturdy enough to hold the hoop, but not too big to be too heavy to hold. A good size to aim for is something that is 18-inches by 18-inches square. Even heavy-duty cardboard can be used as the backboard.

You want something that is sturdy enough to have some weight on it and won't crinkle or crumble. Now, let's find something to use for the hoop. This can be a bit trickier to find, but not impossible. Check with a local hardware or grocery store first to see if they have any large metal rings, about 12" in diameter, that they may be throwing away. If you can't find any there, take a look around the garage or the house.

You can fashion your own out of a piece of very sturdy wire, but the trick is making it circular. You can use a jug or other cylindrical container as an outline and clamp the heavy-gauge wire around it and let it set for about 3 days to take shape. If you don't want to fool with wire, you can also look into building the hoop out of plastic. A large flower pot that is made of plastic that is no longer usable may be the perfect candidate. By using a saw to cut away the top and the bottom you are left with a circular middle!

From one man's trash comes another man's treasure! You'll want to attach whatever hoop you have made to the backboard. The easiest way to do this is with superglue for plastic and with wire for wire-based hoops.

Remember, you aren't throwing a regulation ball through these hoops C only smaller, usually foam-based balls, so there is a lot less stress being put on the hoop itself. Finally, you'll want to mount it. You can attach an over-the-door hanger to the back of it using wire or rope, or you can use screws to mount it to a wall or other object. Now the only thing left to do is get a few balls and take it for a test throw!

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