Jumpbox Makes Plyometrics Easy



Some of the exercises recommended in our training programs require the usage of jumpboxes of increasing height.  These sturdy jumpboxes will be the perfect choice!


Features of Jumpboxes


The whole set consists of a range of heights to choose from (12,18,24,30,36, and 42inches).  Suitable for different levels of training.
Sturdy trapezoidal base construction designed to withstand sudden impact and huge weight.Slightly elastic tilted poles absorb a certain amount of shock from the impact.
Stainless steel frame and sturdy rubber platform with excellent durability.
Completely stackable saving a lot of space.

Caution of usage

Always begin with the lowest height and proceed upward
The tilted poles and the corners of the platform are rather sharp, beware of cuts
The base will budge when you jump up and down and it may scratch your floor

Alternately, you can try the adjustable Plyobox. The height is fully adjustable from 12 inches to 20 inches for one model, 22 inches to 36 inches for the other.


Caution: The clamp for fixing the height in place should be snugly fixed in place before doing exercises on it.


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