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How to shoot a jump shot

How do I make a good jump shot?

The answer to how to shoot a good basketball jump shot begins with strengthening your wrist.  There are tools that increase your wrist power.  Once you are hanging in the air, you will only carry whatever vertical momentum you gain when you initiate your jump. A strong wrist allows you to better control the ball when shooting in the air.  Next you need to increase your vertical jump. A better vertical jump gives you more power as well as more space in a jump shot.  Once you have set the basic stage for a good basketball jump shot, here comes the most important part: tuning your shooting form towards a jump shot.   Basically, the two biggest differences between set shots and jump shots are that the leg on the side of your shooting hand should be in front of your other leg to ensure better landing.  Your body must be more squared up with the hoop to avoid straining your body in the air

When do I use a jump shot

A jump shot is best used when you are charging down the court and cannot (or don't want to) dribble pass your opponent. Make a sudden stop with both feet landing at the same time. Transfer the your forward momentum into vertical leap. Focus on the rim and shoot with techniques just like you would with set shots.
When your opponent gives you at least one step of space or you created one step of space by making a sudden stop while you dribble, that you have gained an edge over him in horizontal space  Jump shot allows you to beat the person vertically as well before you shoot. And if your wrist is strong enough it can also be as accurate as set shots.

Pros-n-cons about doing a jump shot



  • Beats opponents vertically; reduce the chance of getting rejected by defenders
  • The hangtime in the air can buy the shooter more aiming time
  • Brings the basketball hoop closer to the eye-level of shooters
  • You get a clearer look at the basketball hoop with your defender out of the way
  • It helps create more space for you because the defender will jump more often to defend your jump shot
  • It gives you more time to stabilize the ball in the air
  • Let's be honest also, it's shooting with flair
  • The demands on wrist and vertical jump power are substantial
  • It wastes much more stamina than set shots
  • Easier to become off-balance in the air
  • Almost impossible to get your own rebound after shooting
  • Runs the risk of stepping onto your defender's foot and strain your ankle
  • Jumping commits yourself more in terms of movement options

General step-by-step guide to shooting a jump shot

Perfecting the jump shot allows an average player to become a scoring machine.  However, in the face of tougher, taller, and smarter defenders, you need more than a jump shot.  There are more advanced, air-borne basketball shooting skills like the fade-away and the leaner.  You usually have to master jump shots before approaching fade-aways and leaners given that the latter two skills in a nutshell is a jump shot while maintaining both a vertical and horizontal momentum.  Certainly, they are more than that. There are some more tricks in executing those two moves.

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