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Instruction for Increasing Vertical Jump

"Increased vertical reach gives you an edge on the basketball court." Mr. Genius

Final seconds of the game. You are driving towards the hoop. A defender is stepping into your lane. Basically, you are left with two options:

  1. Put on the brakes and pull up for a jump shot

  2. Drive pass him by doing a crossover

Below is VINCE CARTER showing you his third option.

We can help you make it YOUR third option also by increasing your vertical jump!!

Action speaks louder than words. The third option is clearly jump on and over your opponents. We may not be able to increase your vertical jump to VINsanity's level of vertical jump. After all, he is gifted by seeing him jump over a 7 feet guy. However, we can definitely raise your vertical jump by 8-15 inches.

What increases vertical jump?  The golden key to boosting your vertical leap is Plyometrics together with toolkits for increasing vertical jump.


A scientific field that focuses on incorporating studied explosive movements into exercises designed for enhancing muscular power required for bounding, jumping, and hopping, plyometrics is a form of exercise which relates strength with velocity of movement.

Muscles undergo two phases, namely a stretch (eccentric) phase and a contraction (concentric) phase, during the motion of jumping and running. Though not palpable to most basketball players, there is a lag-time between the two phases.

Specifically, a muscle stretches to produce elastic energy and store it. In a vertical jump, we always see a basketball player bent his knees before jumping. This little dip?stores the energy and releases it as the propelling force for a jump.

Theory Behind Plyometrics

Plyometric exercises help to reduce the lag-time between the two phases, thereby speeding up the transition from one phase to another. A swift transition allows maximum energy transfer between the two phases without energy loss as dispensable heat or unfocused kinetic energy.

More importantly, plyometric exercises increase the potential energy storage capacity of your muscles. Basically for training muscles and joints required for jumping, doing the quick, intense jumps according to according to a properly pace and planned plyometric program helps greatly.

Having good knowledge and clear self-awareness is essential to performing plyometric exercises safely and effectively. Otherwise, you run a huge risk of over-training and injury.

With the powerful supplementary secret weapon below, you can double your results from plyometrics alone.

There are 3 types of training principle that increase vertical jump: Traditional Weight Training (TWT) that increases strength, Dynamic Weight Training (DWT) that increases explosive power, and Plyometrics Training (PT) speculated above. TWT and DWT both come with their own benefits and detriments.

Traditional Weight Training utilizes exercises such as squats, carving, leg presses, and toe-raise with a heavy load (about 90% 1-RM) and very few repetitions (5-7) per set. It aims to increase the release of power, which is vital to a good vertical jump. In a physics perspective, the greater the strength and speed are, the greater the power. However, as a person gain more strength, he also gains more weight in muscles. It follows that the gain in weight reduces the speed and therefore the power of the person. This is, however, an effective way of training for beginners because the gain in strength is still large enough to offset the loss in speed.

Regarding dynamic weight training exercises like jump squats, power cleans and hang cleans. Lighter loads (30% 1-RM) and more repetitions are used and the resistance is accelerated explosively through the full range of motion. They work well in increasing your power without decreasing your speed. The problem is that many dynamic weight training cannot be done alone. It is complicated and requires experience, coaching and proper facilities. Without those, a person will have a big chance of hurting himself.

The plyometrics way is the moderate way. It "joins the gap between strength and speed" and it exercises your entire body. Studies are showing that a plyometric program that supplemented by a carefully planned weight-training program produces optimum results.

If you need more comprehensive exercise on increasing your vertical leap, I recommend checking out JumpExperts, it is offers 8 weeks exercise compiles by 14 training/athlete/medical experts.

You can find all the vertical increase tools on JumpUSA, they offer the most complete list of basketball equipment, not even EBay or Amazon can beat its price and collection! You can check my basketball equipment page here for a more comprehensive comparison.

Training Programs

Strength training - sustaining effect, effective for weight-training beginners. Do not neglect this part. To increase your vertical jump, you need to develop a decent strength reservoir as the basis for plyometric training.

Dynamic training - fast effect, experienced weight trainers only. This is relatively more dangerous in that the exercises involved requires more technique and body movements coordination to avert injuries and produce decent results.  The effect of increasing vertical jump becomes apparent very quickly but it only has a short-termed effect.

Plyometrics training - optimal effect, persistence and patience needed.  This is arguably the best way to increase your vertical jump.  The impact is long-lasting but it will take a while to see the effect.  Do not give up easily. More plyometric exercises will be updated in the future.

Improve Vertical Equipment

The increase vertical jump tools

You must be aware that the training program alone cannot extract your full potential. It takes both the training program and the increase vertical jump tools below working together to maximally increase vertical jumps.

Jumpsoles is an increase vertical jump tool that can alone increase vertical jump by 5-10inches.

Jumpbox allows you to perform box jumps, which greatly strengthens the ankle muscles, at home with ease.

Explosive Calves utilizes elastic resistance to train your calves, which are vital to increasing vertical jump.

SpringBak Springsoles Boost your vertical leap by bouncing you up like a mini-trampoline.

Ankle Weights invigorates your ankles for a greater vertical jump.


Click here for basketball instructional videos to help improve players of all ages

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