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Increase Vertical Leap Equipment

The increase vertical jump tools

You must be aware that the training program alone cannot extract your full potential. It takes both the training program and the increase vertical jump tools below working together to maximally increase vertical jumps.



Features of Proprioceptors

Add-on to the Jumpsoles, easy to use A semi-spherical bottom design that enables the constant rotation of the ankle that strengths your ankle.

The slip-n-strap design of Jumpsole fixes the position of the feet. It reduces the risk of injuries in violent movement and therefore allows a more thorough workout.

You can find all the vertical increase tools on JumpUSA, they offer the most complete list of basketball equipment, not even EBay or Amazon can beat its price and collection! You can check my basketball equipment page here for a more comprehensive comparison.


Some of the exercises recommended in our training programs require the usage of jumpboxes of increasing height.  These sturdy jumpboxes will be the perfect choice!

Features of Jumpboxes

The whole set consists of a range of heights to choose from (12,18,24,30,36, and 42inches).  Suitable for different levels of training.

Sturdy trapezoidal base construction designed to withstand sudden impact and huge weight. Slightly elastic tilted poles absorb a certain amount of shock from the impact.

Stainless steel frame and sturdy rubber platform with excellent durability.

Completely stackable saving a lot of space.

Alternately, you can try the adjustable Plyobox.  The height is fully adjustable from 12 inches to 20 inches for one model, 22 inches to 36 inches for the other.

Function: Plyobox can be used as increase vertical leap as well as improving agility.


  • Always begin with the lowest height and proceed upward.

  • The tilted poles and the corners of the platform are rather sharp, beware of cuts.

  • The base will budge when you jump up and down and it may scratch your floor

Alternative: I know what you are thinking, You might be tempted to use some simple stools to perform the exercise. It also might seem ridiculous that some of these simple looking boxes can actually improve vertical leap. But it is a proven fact that exercise perform with jump boxes are safer and more efficient due to its flexibility.

Purchase: Amazon offers an overall cheaper price than most online vendors,

Caution: The clamp for fixing the height in place should be snugly fixed in place before doing exercises on it. Do not attempt to perform the exercise on a chair or table.

Explosive Calves

Enhancing your calves is vital to improving your vertical jump.  Explosive Calves serves to increase the power output of your calf muscle contraction, which equates to greater velocity and height in your vertical jump.

Features of Explosive Calves

Easy-to-use attachment to your own runners, which are more comfortable than specially made shoes for training purposes.

Nylon lower leg adjustable binding using the natural mechanic of a human leg to ensure a good workout.

Elastic cords of carefully considered resistance by trainers connects you shoes to the lower leg binding.

2 extra elastic cords for replacement are included in the package.

An instruction manual on recommended drills is also included.

Caution of usage

The hooks at the ends of cords should be properly inserted in place before usage.

Avoid hyper-extending your calves when using Explosive Calves.

Avoid over-tightening the lower leg binding which may obstruct blood flow.



When you see those people soaring in the sky on their way to the hoop in youtube, nba/and1 videos, ever wonder what takes them so high?  People are rarely just gifted for jumping with flexible, bouncy, powerful legs.  For those of you without hops right now, don't be so bummed.  I will let you in on the secrets behind, or beneath, all great jumpers.  Trust me, 90% of those crazy dunkers are using them when you are totally unaware of it.  We can now create those vigorous legs of exceptional elasticity with new technologies. SPRINGSOLES IS THE ANSWER.

SpringSoles are power-boosting insoles.  You put inside your shoes, it gives you the boost.  It helps you in training and in-court performance.  Consider it an add-on tool that gives you the extra few inches for a beautiful dunk.  Essentially, Everyone sees you fly, no one sees what underlies.

No matter you want to jump higher or run faster, it boils down to 3 things: Powerful calves and quadriceps, stride length, and foot-planting that gives you the best acceleration.  Springsoles can give you those after 1-2 months of correct usage!!  The result of that is backed up by scientific data and patenting companies.  If you don't believe, see it for yourself in the springsoles homepage.

By the way, do you know why the 400m track for sprints are in those dark-reddish rubber?  It is for optimizing the performance of human beings.  The legs of human beings can exert the most power on resilient surfaces such as those rubberized tracks.  The springsoles is largely built using this concept and a little more.  By putting springsoles in your shoe, you are on the surface that your legs can perform the best at all times.  In other words, you can unleash the beast in your legs in the most comfortable condition, physically and psychologically, possible.

If you are a matter-of-fact guy and you can only be convinced by science, data, and theories, check out their rationale and proof at springsoles homepage.  I am sure that you will be satisfied

For those of you that still refuses to be converted, check out these testimonials.  Email them and see if it's real if you are not already busy with drills designed for springsoles users.

Dave Houle, Head Coach Mountain View H.S. Track, Cross Country & Women's Basketball Orem, UT; 60 State and 7 National Titles (Most in U.S. High School history):
"We tested 23 of our track athletes with and without Springsoles, taking two one leg hops; they averaged 15.8 inches farther in Springsoles."

Mark Robison, Head Coach Men's Track for BYU:
"We conducted a study involving 17 of our track athletes on the BYU men's track team. In every trial our athletes jumped farther in Springsoles; the average improvement was 13.6 inches. In prior years testing of the Springsoles our athletes went 3 inches higher in their verticals."

Bud Belnap, PHD, Professor Human Performance Dept, Weber State University, Ogden, UT:
"While personally observing members of Weber State Basketball and Track teams, I saw a dramatic improvement in their vertical leap when using the Springsoles; 3-1/4 inches was the average improvement."


Power-up your ankle for a better vertical jump! Ankle weights function as restraints that cause your muscles to adapted to a strained condition. When the weight is removed, higher power output by your ankle muscles is possible. In turn, the greater power output increases the height of your vertical jump and greatly reduces the post-jump muscle refractory period.

Features of Ankle Weights

Easy to use binding that wraps around the bottom part of your lower leg.

Carefully weighted grains of sand fills the interior of the ankle weight.

Wearable during game to maintain the perpetual strain on the ankle for quick adaptation.

You are training your ankle even when you are just walking or sitting!!

Caution of usage

The weight itself tends to slide up and down your lower leg when you jump, causing rash.

The sand tends to settle in the lower part of the weight and the concentrated mass of sand may collide with the ankle tendons.

Avoid over-tightening the lower leg binding which may obstruct blood flow.


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