The fundamentals of basketball footwork and footworking drill

"We lost the game right there because we don t get an offensive rebound and the ball hits the floor." Dirk Nowitzki

Rebounding is one of the major aspects of the game, it is typically a big guy's job. Under the rim, you will find warriors. They fight battles and they shed sweat and blood. That's not an exaggeration. Inside the paint, people literally fight for a superior position, they will push you, elbow you, and do every little things that might gain an edge against you. I could go on and on about this but...

Back to the topic... Just how important is rebounding? Just imagine if you grab a rebound. Your team gains a chance to shoot again while the other team actually loses it. The difference is two.

While good footwork and vertical leap is the major determinant of rebounds. It does require experience to become a good rebounder such as anticipating where the ball is landing. For example, the longer the shot or harder the rim, the farther the bounces. Simple physics.

Offensively speaking, you will have to fight for the position under the basket. Remember that the point to offensive rebound is to earn you an edge. So do not commit the whole team to offensive rebound, else the other team will make you pay - one long pass will easily make the ball end up in the other side of the court. Always have someone stationed at the top of the key ready to retreat. If you are out-rebounded, stand in his face and prevent him from passing immediately.

Defensively, you will probably be in a favorable advantage. So box out and prevent the perimeter offensive players from getting an offensive rebound and an easy basket. Your primary job should be thinking how to prevent the other team from grabbing it instead of grabbing the rebound itself. If you are unable to grab the rebound, but successful in preventing your guy from getting the rebound, you have done your job.

When you are more experienced, you will need to study whether your opponent is a soft shooter or a hard shooter. Soft shooters shoot at higher arc and produces rebounds that are close to the rim. Hard shooters do the opposite.

When the ball hits the rim, find your guy and make contact! Obviously if he is way off from the rim, stay inside and wait for the rebound. Don't be afraid to make contact, but don't use your arms to push, use your body to advance. So to be a good rebounder, always assume a shot will never go in and be ready in rebounding position.

  • Observe which player are soft or hard shooters.
  • Discover how hard the rims are.
  • Anticipate where the ball will land.
  • Box out your opponent.

Basketball Rebounding Skills in Depth Training

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