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Basketball Fake Spin

Nash fakes a spin and dribble past his d

What is a fake-spin in basketball dribbling?

After mastering the basketball spin-move (i.e. you have an effective and powerful spin move that enables you to get by your defender with a breeze.), it s time to keep you opponent guessing more.  That is, you can feign a spin move and then get by the opponent without actually performing one.  In terms of movement, it is essentially doing half a spin-move and while your back is pressing against your defender, you turn back to your originally direction instead of completing the spin.

What do I need for a fake spin in basketball dribbling?

 What are the steps for performing the spin-move in basketball dribbling?

 (Assuming the player is right-handed)

  1. Drive towards your defender with speed
  2. When you encounter your defender, give the ball a huge bounce
  3. While the ball hangs, heel-pivot* your left foot
  4. Push hard with your right toe to rotate your body 180 degrees to the left
  5. Swing the ball over to the left also while maintaining a hook grip
  6. Now your back should be facing your defender, quickly turn your left shoulder into left shoulder
  7. Essentially, you are going back to your original direction
  8. Lower your body and drive into the open lane.

 What combination series of basketball moves can incorporate into the fake-spin?

 Difficulty level: intermediate

Comment: This is just the basic move to convince your defender that you are spinning one way.  Yet, you must do it sincerely and quickly.

 Difficulty level: upper-intermediate

Comment: This move can be executed after the previous move.  After you fake-spin, your defender will anticipate it and jump way back to block your way.  In this case, you can perform a pull-back to maximize the distance between you and your defender and then get a clean look for the Jay.

 In what situation can I use the fake-spin basketball move?

 When your defender:

 When the situation is like this:

Pros Cons
  • Back blocks stealing momentarily

  • Confuse the defender whenever you start spinning

  • Very quick way to get by defenders

  • Restricted for agile players

  • Spin-move as prerequisite

  • Runs a risk of getting called for holding

  • Easy to lose grip of the ball


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