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Enhancing your calves is vital to improving your vertical jump.  Explosive Calves serves to increase the power output of your calf muscle contraction, which equates to greater velocity and height in your vertical jump.

Features of Explosive Calves

Easy-to-use attachment to your own runners, which are more comfortable than specially made shoes for training purposes.

Nylon lower leg adjustable binding using the natural mechanic of a human leg to ensure a good workout.

Elastic cords of carefully considered resistance by trainers connects you shoes to the lower leg binding.

2 extra elastic cords for replacement are included in the package.

An instruction manual on recommended drills is also included.

Caution of usage

The hooks at the ends of cords should be properly inserted in place before usage.

Avoid hyper-extending your calves when using Explosive Calves.

Avoid over-tightening the lower leg binding which may obstruct blood flow.


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