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Double Cross-over

You think he's going right? Well, Jason's gotchaWhat is a double-crossover in basketball dribbling

As the name suggests, it is a basketball move which is constituted of two back-to-back crossovers.  In essence, it is a controlled, low, and small crossover followed by a quick, huge crossover. 

What does it take to do a double-crossover in basketball dribbling

Exceptional ball-handling skills: This is a must for executing the double crossover because the ball is likely to be still in motion when you are performing your second crossover.  You need to develop total control over the basketball before you can attempt to use this move.  Ambidexterity is a necessary condition for this move.

Hand-mind coordination: The hardest part of executing the perfect double-crossover is that basketball players tend to wait too long for the ball to stabilize after the first small cross.  This will give enough time for the opponents to get back into position even if he bites on your bate cross.  To perform this move flawlessly, you need to react very quickly.  As soon as your mind realizes that the ball is close to stabilizing, your receiving hand with respect to the bouncing ball should have already started to counteract the force of the first small cross and initiate the second big cross.

Two equally strong thighs: To convince your defender that your first cross is sincere, you need to push really hard with one leg.  Then, when you perform your second big cross for the win, you need to push equally strong, if not stronger, with the other leg to counteract your original momentum. 

General step-by-step guide to doing a double-crossover in basketball

  1. Dribble towards your opponent while slightly leaning towards the right
  2. Get your opponent to follow you and move slight to your right
  3. Do a sudden small cross to the left and swing your shoulder also to the left so that you look more sincere
  4. If your opponent jumps right at your lane, counteract your momentum by pushing hard with your left leg towards the right side
  5. Perform a vigorous, quick crossover in front to get past your opponent
  6. Full steam ahead along the open lane

What are the useful basketball combination moves that incorporates the double crossover

How and why useful?  The constant changes in direction and intention mesmerize the enemy.  You have faked 5 directions before you drive.  If executed correctly, you opponent will most probably be frozen on the ground. *Notice that (left-right-left) means that your cross the ball from left to right and then from right to left in two crossovers

How and why useful? You are creating a situation where your defender will be off-guard because you have conditioned him or her to think that your double crossover has no ensuing actions and you take advantage of it.  *The freestyle dribbling is for loosening up your opponents

In what situations do I perform the double-crossover in basketball dribbling

Checklist about your defender

Checklist about the setting

Pros-n-cons about doing the double-crossover basketball move



  • Highly flexible and reversible move
  • Blends into the dribbling rhythm smoothly
  • Mentally breaking down your opponent by constantly shifting momentum
  • Difficult to execute and control
  • It is time-consuming to set up a good situation for double-crossover
  • Great strain on the legs
  • Runs a relatively high risk of getting the ball stolen


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