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Defensive Rebound

I remember one of my coaches at the college basketball training camp made this opening line during a rebounding session: "Missing a defensive rebound gives your team 30 more seconds of misery and mystery."  With reasonably strong physique, careful positioning and cooperation with teammates to protect the area below the basketball rim, grabbing a defensive rebound is as easy as grabbing an ice-cream out of a child's hand.  Losing one, on the other hand, thwarts your own team's confidence and builds up the stress and frustration level of your teammates, who felt relieved for one second when the basketball did not go in.  Hence, securing all defensive rebounds is very important.

Very important! Unlike offensive rebound, which depends on instinct, the offending player's ability and observation, and luck, securing a defensive rebound preparation way before the rebounding moment and great teamwork.    

As the defending team, to maximize the probability of your grabbing the defensive rebound, there are basically two main things that you must do: Having maximum coverage of all possible route by which the ball rebounds off the rim and getting all offending players out of possible rebounding position.

When a shot is released, maintain contact with your opponent and immediately face towards the basket. It is important for your to maintain full contact with him so he has no where to maneuver his body to a better position. A properly boxed out opponent is completely helpless in collecting the rebound.

If you notice your man wants to back out and use his quickness to get to a new position, stick your back close to him as long as he is close to the paint. Your teammate is responsible for the other players they are guarding. 

If you are playing zone defense, you are responsible for anyone coming through your zone. You should never allow anyone entering your zone. Sometimes you will get two or more people in your zone at any one time and you need to be able to make the decision which one of them is the most likely to get the rebound.

Here is a good tip when you are boxing out on defense. Create an o-rebound zone with your arms and your teammates' arms, a place where you are not going to let anyone in. Be very conscious of anyone going in and out of that zone and be prepared when a shot goes up to block anyone who is in your zone.

If your opponent has possession of the ball. You will be facing him before he shoots the ball. But right after he releases, spread your arms maintain contact with your face and face the basket immediately.

Defensive free throw rebounding

Your team will be in an advantage of the two closest spots to the hoop. But don't think you will get the rebound just because of that. If the other team has a great rebounder, it would be wise to have two players block the big man out.

Always keep one player on the free throw line to box out the shooter. whereas the shooter cannot leave the free throw line until the ball hits the rim. Having the free throw shooter grab his own rebound is unforgivable.

Moving actively and productively towards The Ball

When a player moves toward the ball but realize that he has misjudged the play, or you need to change direction rapidly, it is best to plant the foot farthest from the object firmly, placing nearly all your body weight on this plant leg. The leg closest to the ball should have very little weight applied to it. This shift in body weight to the plant leg helps to avoid a load force on the inside leg while twisting on it. Move the arms aggressively to help provide balance. These upper and lower body techniques will improve performance as well as avoid injuries.

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