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Crossover Dribble

What is a crossover in basketball dribbling

A crossover dribble is a simply a low, quick bounce in front that allows you to quickly switch momentum and direction so that you can outmaneuver your opponent and drive towards the basketball hoop.

What does it take to do a crossover in basketball dribbling

-Dexterous and agile hands: you need them to maintain excellent control so that you perform the low quick bounce across swiftly as possible without letting the ball slip out of your hands

-Strong and responsive legs: A vital part of the crossover dribble is the ability to act on and counteract on your momentum at the right timing.  As soon as you see your defender expose a weak point, which will disappear in a matter of split seconds, you got to attack it.

-Flexible yet sturdy upper-body: This may sound a little contradictory but when you are in motion, your body must move along with the rhythm so that your basketball move look genuine and "sincere."  Yet, do not let your body too loose or else you won't be able to control your momentum.  

-A deceptive mind: Not only do u have to feign your opponent, but you also have to convince yourself into believing that what you are doing is not a fake, up until the very last moment.

Bear in mind that what makes a crossover ankle busting is the sudden double-change in momentum from forward to the left and to the right (or vice versa)

General step-by-step guide to doing a crossover dribble in basketball

  1. Dribble the basketball with your dominant hand (let's pretend you're right-handed for this example).
  2. Given the space, approach your defender slowly with small steps, take the time to read your opponent's position
  3. When you are two steps from your defender, stop, then take a step forward with your left foot
  4. Push semi-hard with the left foot, moving your body to the right side, *lower your shoulder to make your move look sincere
  5. Look at your defender's body or feet for signs of buying your fake
  6. Counteract the momentum to the right by pushing hard with your right foot and sidestep with your left foot when your opponent is off balance
  7. At the same time, switch the ball to your left hand with **a quick, low bounce directly in front of your defender.
  8. When you have created the space, Push hard with your left foot and **take a big stride with your right foot beside the defender.

What are the effective basketball moves combination series related to the crossover?

In what situations do I perform the crossover in basketball dribbling?

About your defender

About the setting

Pros-n-cons about doing a crossover in basketball dribbling



  • Extremely quick shift in direction that effectively outmaneuvers you defender
  • highly reversible move that does not commit yourself too much
  • Adds a trace of flair to your basketball dribbling
  • Can be compounded with screening as a powerful two-man game weapon
  • Runs the risk of getting your basketball stolen when performing an in-front crossover
  • Big strain on your own legs and ankles with the constant shift in momentum
  • Very easy to lose control of the ball when crossing in front


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