Basketball Training Equipment

If you are determined to become a great basketball player, you must be prepared to train hard with the right kind of training equipment.

There are special shoes which help you to jump higher and prevent injury to your foot and leg muscles. Some shoe manufacturers have spent years and dollars on research about how the heel and the calf muscles behave when we jump and formed special shoes to help you in leaping greater heights to grab a flying ball or to wrench it from the clutches of a tall opponent.

They usually have a super tight fit and come with synthetic leather tops and a host of ergonomically designed insteps. We have a page that specifically deals with vertical jumps, you may want to check it first.

You may also practice with a heavy basketball which is of the official size but weighs twice than a regular basketball. Practicing with a heavy basketball will not only tone up your required muscle groups but also make you a better shooter, ballhandler, rebounder or passer! This is a must in your training equipment kit.

There are also several training guides and DVDs available in the market which claim that their tips will surely make you spot jump higher by at least six to fourteen inches within twelve weeks. However, how much you can actually achieve depends entirely on yourself.

You may increase your dribbling and passing skills by attentively following the various drills available on DVDs. Each DVD claims to be the trade secret of one icon or the other, so, be very careful before you zero in one of those. Be sure that it will actually address your requirements. Do not get carried by the glamour of the big name associated with it. 

Then there are special small parachutes which you may use to increase your speed and stamina. These parachutes are attached to the back of the athlete and produce a drag while he runs. The drag increases with his acceleration and he has to try harder to maintain the same speed. This extra effort gets converted into stronger muscles which come into good use on the court.

You can increase your stamina, strength and agility if you train in weighted vests and shorts. These are really vests and shorts which have weights inserted in them.

In fact, the Strength Vests , as they are called come with ten pounds of weight built into them and the Strength Shorts are burdened with five pounds of weight. And, these weights can be increased to thirty pounds in the vests and twelve pounds in the shorts. Amazon.com has plenty of supply for these.

Weight Vests, Ankle and Wrist Weights

Alternatively, you can also train in the following items. They can be purchased at Competitive Edge Products:

Power Sled: The Power Sled harness and leads are used as a method of resistance training to improve strength and speed with running sleds.

Power Parachute: Power Chute Parachute Speed Resistance Running Exercise and Conditioning Training Device

Speed Sled: Added resistance stimulates an increase in stride length which results in an increase in overall speed. Use on a track in conjunction with sprint training as well as alternate settings.

Power Sled

Price:  $149.50

Speed Sled

Price:  $139.99

Power Parachute

Price:  $47.50

For Basketball Returner,you will generally find cheaper deals on Amazon.com due to occasional free shipping.


Competitive Edge Products is the only power seller from Ebay who provides the most affordable, and relevant basketball training equipment. You might as well just shop directly in Competitive Edge Products. Also, it has a nice check shipping feature to check the shipping rate from your area instantly.

Agility Training

JumpUSA.com has a fantastic collection training equipment that are specifically tailored towards basketball players.

Power Jumper 2
Add Elastic Resistance to your Jumpsoles workout for increased difficulty. Put 1, 2 or 3 cords, also great for Squats.
The SkyMeter
Vertical Jump Measuring Device. Simply hang it on your basketball rim and measure!!
Quick Feet Fast Hands
Bio-Mechanically correct to develop leg strength. Great for jumping, speed training and strength development.

The Calf Block
For Calf Raises
Effervescent Creatine
Faster gains, longer workouts, more energy for your muscles. The only supplement we fully endorse. 
Explosive Calves
Great for adding difficulty to Plyometric training, or to add resistance to your sport during practice or games.


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