Boxing out

To box out effectively is to maintain contact and be conscious of where your opponent is going.

At the same time, you will have to leverage your body so that the others cannot take your position away from you.

Sometimes an effective box out can even create offensive opportunity for your team. If you have a definite advantage at boxing out your opponent, your teammate might pass to you for an easy basket.

The arms are an extension of your body, letting you feel which direction the opponent is pushing from, and letting you move your body accordingly to block him out.

- Bend your knees and stick out your derriere to establish a wider base.

- Arms away to your sides.

- Keep your torso erect, but lean slightly forward.

- Crouch down and make yourself more horizontal when boxing out.

Making yourself shorter to grab a rebound may seem paradoxical, but it isn't. Keep your knees bent, butt out, and arms out and bent upward at a 90 degree angle. Your palms facing the rim.


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