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The Dimensions of a Basketball Hoop

Life is filled with measurements and numbers, and when it comes to basketball hoops there are regulations that the professionals follow as to the exact measurements and height of a basketball hoop. This is done to ensure that a fair game is played no matter if they are playing on the home court or at a court thousands of miles away. Many people who build their own basketball court keep the standard measurements as well so they can compete against their friends and family in a familiar setting. Before we get too far along you should know that there are actually three sets of standardized dimensions for the basketball court setup. These are broken down into NBA, High School and Junior High School regulations. The hoop height and dimensions stay the same, however, through all three divisions.

For the backboard of a hoop, regulations state it must be 72" across and 15" from the backboard to the center of the hoop itself. The hoop measures in at 18" circumference. When mounting the backboard and the basketball hoop you'll want to make sure that you are 10-feet off the ground measured from the court surface to the center of the hoop. Almost all the dimensions can be changed for recreational use with the exception of the circumference of the hoop itself. If you are using a standard basketball it will need 18" to clear the hoop without getting stuck. Many basketball hoops for home use come mounted on an adjustable pole that can be raised and lowered to any height that you need. This makes it easier for younger kids to enjoy the game before they are tall enough to reach the regulation 10-foot hoop.

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