What Tools Do You Mark the Lines of a Basketball Court With?

Now I don t know about you, but I know my painting skills leave a lot to be desired! I can barely paint the wall of my living room, let alone paint precise lines on a basketball court! The good news is there are tools available to help you get them straight and keep them within the lines. They make the job easier by taking away a lot of the precision you would have to manually do and instead turning it over to the tool.


You know what the secret to painting a lot of lines is, don t you? Well it s the same thing they use in parking lots and on road surfaces stencils! These stencils come with all the areas of the court laid out and ready for you to spray. Though most stencils are designed for regulation court surfaces, you can adjust many of them to work with courts that might be a little smaller or larger than normal. It s easy to use a stencil based solution once you make sure that the stencil is lined up with reference points on your basketball court you just spray away! But remember the old saying, Measure twice, and cut once or in this case, paint once! Now if a stencil just won t do after all, some of us have dirt surfaces or court surfaces that are made out of special tiling then you may find yourself looking at renting a professional line marking tool.


These are two types available, one that dispenses a permanent paint and one that dispenses a powder-based paint that wears with use. Most homeowners will choose the later of the two as the cost to rent (and purchase) one is much lower than the first. If you are adventurous, or just don t have access to any of the above tools, you can mark the lines yourself using detailed measurements. You ll need string, chalk outlining tools and small post markers to get the job done. Though the straight lines can be a cinch to get down, the curved lines (such as the 3-point goal line) can be something that will take a lot of time and patience to get right. Using the chalk outlining first lets you see how everything will look once you place it all together. Of course, in the end, the game of basketball in a home setting is all about having fun and being active. Don t worry too much about the lines and if they are exactly perfect enjoy the game and the time spent with your family and friends playing it.


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