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Triple Threat Position

Apart from some phantom calls that Jordan and Miller get from time to time, what is the most uncertain on a basketball court?

The most uncertain moment is just after a skillful basketball superstar receives a pass or an in-bounce. 

Upon catching the ball, he has three options, shooting, passing and dribbling. All three options are open to him and they can all be serious threats to the other team. This is called the triple threat. To use this advantage effectively, you have to acheive FOUR objectives:

To accomplish these four tasks, at the beginning of the game, you need to mix up your attack strategies with both drives and shots without much fakes first. Don't attack recklessly, you need to score at least occasionally to be convincing.  When you got him thinking that you have the full package, start using fakes.  If you want to pass, locate your teammate and stare at the rim and pretend you are going to shoot, your opponent will now pay more attention to the air and this make a perfect opportunity to pass.  Triple-threat is excellent in creating space and/or freezing your defender.

The triple threat stance is deadly when you are great at both shooting and dribbling. Upon receiving the ball, your opponent will have a hard time guarding you - if he sticks too close to you, you can blow by him. If he take a step back to prevent you from driving, you can shoot over him. If you are that good, you will probably get double teamed and draw more attention on you.  In this case, you free up your teammates to do the scoring and that is when you do the basketball passing moves to get the ball to your teammates for an easy basket.

Here is how to do a proper triple threat stance.

Pseudo and Absolute Triple-Threats

Although it is called the triple threat, the only immediate threats are shooting and dribbling. Passing poses the least threat. The other team know this, and they will pay more attention to your jab step and pump fake.  Yet, this pseudo-triple-threat is already a very powerful weapon used by many NBA superstars because those star players are almost unstoppable when they are on the offense and in their sweet spots. 

For example, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki are both masters of the pseudo-triple-threat.  TD, for instance, if you stick to him close, he posts, muscles and drives to deliver a power facial dunk in your face.  If you stay away, he kisses it off the glass with a signature, again in your face.  Some gifted players, on the other hand, takes it to the extreme and masters the art of absolute-triple-threat by incorporating his teammates as his finishing tools.  Steve Nash and Jason Kidd, for example, has the formidable talent and vision need to deliver the killer-assist pass that leads to high percentage scoring.  Meanwhile, he maintains a high scoring ability.  These absolute-triple-threaters is any basketball team's worst nightmare because it can increase the team scoring by two-folds.

Additional tips on triple threat

When a player are in triple threat stance, jab a step out with the body forward to test the defender's reaction. If he takes the bait, you can shoot over him or drive to the other side immediately. If he doesn't take the bait, you are still safe with your possession.

Pump fake is a fake shooting motion in which a player pretends to shoot. The player does not jump nor release the ball. It is intended to get the defense jump in the air so the player has more room to maneuver.

The idea is to give your opponent a reason to believe you are going to do something. If you are a good ball handler, jab steps couple of times to confuse the defense and then shoot.

The other example is that upon receiving a ball, pump fake and pretend you are eager to score. And then quickly drive towards the basket.

A last note: When you receive the ball in a decisive moment, don't waste your time on a triple stance position because to build up the triple threat tension, you need an ample amount of time.  Do what you must immediately such as passing the ball to a open teammate or shooting it.

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