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Effective Basketball Plays

Basketball plays are the pivot of determining a win or loss; they can turn the tide out of a losing steak, or continue to dominate the opposition. Granted, a team with all the highly talented individualistic players in the can still lose when facing a disciplined team as we witnessed in the 2004 NBA final. Basketball play is all about team work and coordination.

Of course, basketball is not a chess game, there are times where well organized plays are ineffective against a scattered team. But in the long run, coaches who has sharp evaluation and employ the correct tactics will emerge victorious most of the time. And the choice of each offense or defense may easily alter the result of your success or failure.

This guide is designed to give an introductory level to basketball coaches from all level and any settings. It allows, you as a coach to choose a play that best utilizes your players' talents. Also, the players are allowed more creativity and enjoy the game much more.

Basketball Offensive Plays

Everybody is searching for the ultimate offense. But in reality, there is no such thing - fortunately and unfortunately. Each offensive play has their own strength and weaknesses. And different level requires a modification of the other team's defense with the adjustment of your players' physique and comprehension. It is the complication that makes coaching a challenging job.

He would like a offense so simple that it could be used in the elementary and junior high systems; yet, complicated enough to compete against today's better defenses.

Unlike the college or pro coach the high school coach cannot recruit a big pivot man or a slick guard to run a specific offense. He must make a team of whomever turns out; and the offense must fit the personnel.

The offensive concepts are many. They are applicable to both man-to-man and zone defenses. The same concepts are carried into special situations, out-of-bounds plays, press offenses, delay offenses, etc. and are easy to install. The concept is expandable and can be run as a continuation of the fast break.

Basketball Defensive Plays

Team defense can be loosely categorize into man-to-man and zone defense. A zone defense is where defensive players guard an area of the court, and it is illegal in the NBA. The rationale behind it is to make the game more exciting. Click here if you wish to know more.

All types of defense are aimed to prevent the other team from scoring. But it is impossible; if it is, it wouldn't be fun!

As a team, there are ways to effectively wear down the opponent's offensive ability, such as forcing their worse score to shoot, eliminate their chance for a second attempt or forcing them to commit turnovers etc. As you may anticipate, team defensive is a collective skills, and most importantly, a team effort.

Establishing Position

Do you know where you belong in the court? There are five positions in a typical 5 on 5 basketball game. In most cases, yours strength, size and speed determines the position on your team. Know your position, know your role.


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