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Basketball Spin Move

Wade's basketball spin move is  his lethal weaponWhat is a spin-move in basketball dribbling?

This basketball dribbling move is also called the spinnin'-o-rama.  Spin-move is a basketball dribbling move in which you rotate your body around your opponent while applying weight on your opponent.  By the looks of it, it seems to be a move of rotating your body 360 degrees.  Wrong!  It is actually consisted of two 180-degree spins combined together smoothly.

What does it take to do a spin-move in basketball dribbling?

What are the steps for performing the spin-move in basketball dribbling?

 (Assuming the player is right-handed)

  1. Drive towards your defender and the hoop with speed
  2. When you encounter your defender, give the ball a huge bounce
  3. While the ball hangs, heel-pivot* your left foot
  4. First half-spin: Push hard with your right toe to rotate your body 180 degrees to the left
  5. Swing the ball over to the left also while maintaining a tight grip
  6. Now your back should be facing your defender, bump into him with your back
  7. As soon as you are clinging to your defender with your back, heel pivot again with your right foot
  8. Second half-spin: Push hard with your left foot to spin 180 degrees until you are facing the hoop again
  9. During the second half-spin, Your right shoulder should be in contact and rubbing off your defender at all times.
  10. Leave the ball behind this time and use your left hand to fetch it after spinning.
  11. Push hard with your right foot again for a drive.

*Heel-pivot is when you lift your toes and use your ankle (the "ball" of your feet) as the ONLY fixed contact point with the ground so that you can initiate a spin.  The purpose of doing a heel-pivot is to reduce the friction between your foot and the ground by decreasing the contact area of the foot with the ground.

The spin-move is seemingly one move.  Yet, in fact, it is a combination of two half-spins in a silkily smooth manner.  The first stage half-spin is completed with your back to the hoop while moving the basketball sideways.  The second half-spin is completed when you turn and face the hoop again.

What are the useful basketball combination moves that incorporates the spin-move 

Level of difficulty: intermediate

How and why useful? You seemingly entrap yourself at the baseline and force a shot.  Defenders will always come closer to apply more pressure.  As he comes closer, you spin away.  A typical manipulation of the mind.  Also, when you spin away from baseline and face the hoop again, it is almost always the perfect angle to bank it.  Know your positions

Level of difficulty:intermediate

How and why useful? Defenders are often allergic to spin move because it is good at creating space for a shot.  Hence, they are likely to jump right after a spin move.  Do a pump fake will get them totally off you.

In what situations do I perform the spin move in basketball dribbling

Checklist about your defender

Checklist about the setting

Pros-n-cons about doing the double-crossover basketball move



  • Changes angle sharply and swiftly
  • Body shields the ball from stealing
  • Rotational energy aids the change in direction
  • Constant contact allows you to be aware of your d's position
  • Difficult to execute and hard to maintain the grip
  • Space demanding
  • Need to have preparatory elements like speed and a huge bounce
  • Makes it difficult to maintain balance and a clear awareness of your own position


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