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NBA Superstar Signature Moves

Infants learn from imitating since birth. Young basketball players will improve immensely by copying basketball moves they see. Who should these youth basketball players look up to then? The NBA superstars and their super moves!!! The following a list of STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES TO PERFORMING NBA SIGNATURE BASKETBALL MOVES OF SUPERSTARS WITH VIDEOS SHOWING THE BASKETBALL MOVE IN ACTION.

Below is a list of links leading to step-by-step guides on the signature basketball moves of the most famous NBA superstars.

The physical and skill requirement for performing each move is specified below each set of steps

Each basketball move is then evaluated on the basis of the following guidelines and given a score out of 10.

Applicability: How useful is the move in action? Can you really use it in a basketball game? Are you giving up anything when using this move? Are specific conditions required for the application of the move?

Flexibility: What are the consequences if you fail the basketball move or the basketball move fails you? Are there no turning back? If plan A fails, is there a plan B

Flash-ability: Can you make a fool out of your opponent with it? Can you make eyeballs pop out with it? Can you make everyone else but your opponent feel for what you are doing with it? Can you look good with it?

Featured NBA Signature Moves

Here's the deal though. By closely following the step-by-step guide, you will look 80% like the NBA superstar on the move.

Allen Iverson Crossover:
When you talk about crossovers, you gotta talk about The Answer.
Allen Iverson Crossover on Michael Jordan:
"Michael said 'No!' Iverson said 'Yes!!' The bucket!  And the crowd loves it."
Jason William Mirage Crossover:
Get a penetrating, ankle-breaking taste of the white chocolate.
Hakeem Olajuwon Dream Shake:
Say "sweet dreams" to your opponent while giving him the worst nightmare!
Shaquille O'Neal  Drop Step:
Watch Shaq Daddy DROP his opponent, STEP on him, and Dunk in his face. Most powerful post move ever!
Tim Duncan's Bank Shot:
Tim Duncan is well-known for his simple but effective game of basketball.  The triple threat position that he gets into everytime he holds the ball Unlike most centers, he has range in shooting a basketball.  When his defense comes close, he drives and hooks.  If the d fall back, what does he do?  He goes for the bank shot, his signature.
Reggie Miller's Break Away & Fade Away:
Reggie uses a pick, pushes the defender into the pick, and run beyond the arc just inside the sideline.  Catches a pass and immediately jumps backwards and release just before he lands out of bounds.  What unblockable?  That's unblockable.
Steve Nash's Airborne Touch of Gold:
Nash has established himself as one of the best dramatic passer in the world. Watch him does most of his dramatic pass in his career.

There are skills and physical requirements for the basketball moves that make you sparkle like a superstar above. If you have trouble executing the basketball move, always go back to basics and start with honing the highlighted basketball skills to perfection and get back to work again.  To help you train more effectively, here are some tools, such as wrist weights, push up accessories, shot returners, and etc, that will prepare you to become the star with killer moves on the court.

A word to basketball coaches teaching youth: It is not a sin to teach youth basketball players NBA stars' moves. The high school coach of Steve Smith teaches his point guards Steve Smith's fake spin and it is still working well. Think twice before disregarding this page!

*If you have a move or two that want to add to this page, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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