The wonder of a basketball hoop

"The backboard is your friend." Anonymous


The evolution of basketball hoops at home all begins with a milk bucket tied up at the upper floor window of a two-storied house.  A little bit later, it metamorphoses into a bottomless aluminum trash can.  Now, many beautifully made Lifetime, Spalding, Hybrid, and Huffy basketball hoops as well as Mini basketball hoopscan be purchased in stores and online.

For parents, buying and setting up the hoop is the end of the story.  Yet, for youth basketball players, it is just the beginning of seeking answers for questions and exercising discretion among decisions. Many of the questions will be answered in the FAQ section below. For now, let's have a good look at the basketball hoop


Famous basketball hoops

Here is a list of portable basketball hoops made by renowned brands in the industry. Check out the images, technologies, and characteristics ofthe basketball hoops and if you are so inclined, get one for yourself!

Huffy Basketball Hoop

Lifetime Basketball Hoop

Spalding Basketball Hoop

Hybrid Basketball Hoop

Maybe you have seen those basketball hoops at sports department stores. Not only are they hung up high, the price in those stores are also way up high. Plus, choices in those stores are very limited and they are often put on display, which means that countless number of kids have already played with it. Why settle with a used, and worn basketball hoop with an inflated price tag? Look online for basketball hoops with our help!

Mini basketball hoops

Mini basketball hoops are for basketball players fond of something small and indoor. a mini basketball hoop are usually hung at the door and it often comes in a package with a mini basketball for you to shoot at the mini basketball hoop. Some other mini basketball hoop are just for display. Still other mini basketball hoops are scaled down to a size corresponding to 10 inch figurines of NBA superstars. The link below contains images and info on mini basketball hoops

Mini basketball hoop

Can't afford a nice-looking, branded mini basketball hoop? Here is a guide to making a mini basketball hoop from almost nothing while cut down on lunches and you save up for a real mini baskteball hoop

Basketball & Hoop for display great gift for basketball lovers

Should any of you basketball lovers have any questions about the basketball hoop, I am happy to answer them for you.  If I don t have the answer at hand, I will definitely try to look up the answer for you.  Just email me the question and I will post the answers on the site when I get a hold of them.


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