The origin of basketball

The origin of basketball - A QnA

"The invention of basketball was not an accident. It was developed to meet a need."Dr James Naismith


Being an sport that dominated America, basketball would probably be considered as a prime label of American culture.  One is prompted to think it must've been originated from the United States. Well, it is true - somewhat. It was originated from Springfield, Massachusetts. But it was invented by a Canadian!

Who invented the basketball game?

The inventor of bball holds the name of Dr. James Naismith.  He was born in Almonte, Ontario.

Why was the game invented?

While conducting a physical education class at the international YMCA training school, he was given the task of creating a new indoor sports activity that keeps the energetic kids busy.

How was the game to begin with?

Hence, he picked up two water buckets and hang them off two opposing beams near the roof.  He split his students into two teams and instructed that the team that gets the most number of shots into the bucket of the opposing team wins. 

This is the prototypical game that develop into the game we call basketball now.

How many rules did the game start out with?

The original game involved13 original rules. Click to see how the game was originally conceived by Dr. Naismith.

What the first officially recognized basketball game like?

Even though it took place in the United States, at least ten of the players who participated in the first-ever game were university students from Quebec.

Did he make money out of his invention?
He never patented the game nor did he profit from it. So if you enjoy playing hoops, at least remember his name! Because I believe we all owe him for this wonderful sport he created.

Can you tell me more about J. Naismith?

Clickhere for more information on Dr. James Naismith.

Can you tell me how the NBA came about?

Visithere for history of NBA


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