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Where is the low post, the high post, and the wing?

Fear to ask your friend where exactly is the high post because you are more likely to get a laugh in your face than an answer? Don't know what the jargons used by the commentator of a basketball game refer to? Then you have come to the right place! We will teach you them before you look like a fool in front of your friends, or even better, make you sound like an expert in hoops!

labeled image of unmarked regions
  • Corner - The two corners on a court, formed by the sidelines and baseline.
  • Wing - The two shoulder area that rests just inside the 3-point line, between the corner and the free-throw line.
  • Point - At the top of the key, stretching back almost to the center circle.
  • Pivot -  A small area on either free-throw line.
  • High post - The area that surrounds either end of the free-throw line where it intersect the foul line.
  • Low post - The two areas on either side of the foul line that are even with the hoop.
  • In the paint -  The area inside the key, which is a solid color of paint.
  • Low block - The thickest mark on the key line.

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