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How do I build a basketball court in my backyard?

Installing a rim can look like a daunting task, but it is actually pretty easy.

While building a basketball court may seem like a large project at first, it's really quite simple and will bring years of enjoyment and entertainment for your family or friends. Let's take a look at the basics to get you started and on your way to shooting hoops! First, let's find a place to put it.

If you have a large yard you may have space available to put the court where it's away from obstacles and such. If you want to build a regulation court, realize you'll need to have about ninety four feet of length and fifty feet in width C a large area!

However, if you want to build a recreational court, the size can be adjusted up or down depending on your availability of space. Now, when building a court, you want to place it on a smooth surface.

Take some time upfront to review the place you want to put it and remove any stray rocks and try to level the ground out as much as possible. It's not a fair game if one team has to constantly run uphill to score! You can either assemble the components you will need yourself, or you can purchase a Do-It-Yourself kit through many retailers.

The advantages of the kit are that it includes instructions and everything you will need. Even if you choose to go it on your own, you'll at the very least need to purchase the portable board or rim as they are not something readily available outside of sports retailers.

A portable board is very convenient. Just put it on a leveled ground and you are all set.

The most difficult part of the entire process comes when you lay install the poles for the goals. They must be level and plumb and ideally are set at least one foot and three inches underground to ensure stability.

You'll add concrete to the holes to help secure the poles, so this step might require the availability of a friend or two as you get everything leveled and setup.

The surface of the court is something people often don't put enough thought into. Most people will opt to use special tiles made of rubber that are safe for outdoor use to provide the court surface.

This is by far the cheapest and easiest solution to implement. However, others may have concrete or blacktopped surfaces available they want to use. Different surfaces have different characteristics and could impact how you play the game.

Visit a local sporting goods store to learn more about surfacing if you want to see different types up close. Finally, you can begin painting the lines (if desired) and setting up the in-ground board and hoops. Each step along the way will vary in the time it takes depending on what you want to get out of it C some people play for fun, some people want regulation all the way. No matter what your reason, a basketball court can add a perfect way to get desperately needed exercise at a very low cost to your home.

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