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Basketball - The ball

Authentic NBA Basketball is made of composite leather. It is designed to withstand extreme external force and allow players to keep a good grip.

WNBA balls are also made of the same material, but are slightly smaller because female hands tend to be smaller.

Rubber ballsbounce higher and I'd recommend them for new players. They also have a greater durability and therefore, great for rough terrain like the street.

How Does a Ball Bounce?

The physics behind it is when an elastic basketball hits a hard surface, it s shape is deformed and kinetic energy is converted to and stored as potential energy. When the basketball returns to it s original shape, potential energy is reconverted to kinetic energy making the bounce.

A basketball is elastic and it is the air inside that allows the ball to bounce. When a basketball doesn't have a lot of air in it, it doesn't bounce very well. So it is a good idea to fill up all the air you can with a hand pump.

Choosing a Basketball

1. Make sure you get the correct sized basketballs for your player's age group.

2. For beginners, I'd commend rubber balls because of their cheaper price and durability.

3. Practice with the ball you would compete in a regular game.

Spalding has invented basketballs that are never flat and has built in micro pump. They can be quick handy if money is not an issue. The price can range from $150.00 - $200.00 USD


Basketball Weight and Diameter

The Men's size 7 regulation basketball has a circumference between 29.5-30 inches, it weighs 20-22 ounces, and has a diameter of 9.39 inches.

The Women's size 6 regulation basketball has a circumference between 28.5 and 28 7/8 inches, it weighs 17.5-19.5 ounces and has a diameter of 9.07 inches.


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