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On What Type of Ground Can I Build a Basketball Court?

Have you ever been to a professional basketball game and seen the opposing team having to run uphill towards the basket? Probably not C and for good reason, in most sports we want a level playing field! When building a basketball court at home you probably want to get a level surface to help not only with play, but also to minimize the risk for potential injuries. The type of ground you have will influence how you can go about building your court.

Let s take a look at some sample ground types and explain some of the challenges and advantages. Have a lot of grass and weeds? This can be an ideal location for a basketball court providing it is level. The good news is that leveling out a surface such as this can be done with relative ease as long as you are willing to spend some time. Construct a simple water-based leveler out of rigid tubing (available at a home supply store) and water. This will allow you to test for levelness across a wide area when standard handheld levelers are not enough.

If you want to get more precise, a laser leveling system available at many retailers can really help you get the job done. Rocks and gravel in the way? Till them under or get rid of them. You can rent a tiller to break up the ground and get rid of rocks at many local rental stores. You ll of course have to make sure that afterwards you repack the ground down firmly and that might take some time depending on how much tilling you had to do. No matter what, make sure you go over the area by visual inspection one more time before laying the court surface down. Remember when you had that sprinkler system installed? Caught you off guard didn t I!

When choosing ground to build your basketball court, be aware of the environment around it. If you have a sprinkler system or other underground device make sure you plan for and move it if necessary. The last thing you want is a sprinkler coming on every morning spraying directly on the court eroding away the ground below it! Hilly terrain a problem where you live? Don t give up hope just yet. Depending on how severe the inclines are you may be able to either fill in or excavate small hills that may appear in an otherwise usable area. This type of job might be more than you are willing to handle, but many landscapers can do it for a relatively small fee. The type of ground you can build a basketball court on is not limited to perfectly smooth, flat areas. Whether you have a large backyard with acres of grass, or an old concrete patio you want to convert, you will find that building a court can be a fun and rewarding experience depending on how much time and investment you put into it upfront to make sure that things go well down the road.  

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