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Ball Storage: Don't Just Let Them Lay Around

A ball storage can be handy when you have lots of balls (pun not intended)

Now you wouldn't go and leave your bowling ball on the staircase would you? And chances are that silverware set from great Grandma Gertrude is put up somewhere as well. So why is it that many of us just tend to throw our basketballs in the garage and let them sit until we need them again? You ve got a great court setup at home; now let s get a ball storage system in place. Keeping your basketballs put up and out of the way has several benefits - the most important of which is safety. Nobody likes to trip over a ball in the middle of the night while going downstairs or outside to check on something. In addition, by storing them properly you can help keep them in better shape and extend their lifetime of play. The easiest way to store your basketballs is by having some sort of rack. Many people develop their own rack using PVC pipe and fittings that are available at any hardware store.

This solution is both sturdy and economical and can be completed in less than an hour. Numerous sites online list plans for building a rack out of PVC including instructions on how to place casters on the bottom so you can roll it around with ease. Of course, you don t need something that fancy if you don t want it - a simple trash can (please, empty the trash first!) can be used as a storage catch-all for basketballs. It helps keep them out of the way and out of the elements. A 14-gallon can usually holds about 4-5 balls with ease. One reason you may want to give some thought about storage of your basketballs is because of Mother Nature. Sun, rain, snow and heat can all do a number on the balls. The rubber can deteriorate with exposure to the elements in much the same way car tires do. A basketball exposed to the rays of the sun can begin to fade and the rubber breakdown in as little as a month.

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