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The Benefits of a Backboard Pad

Pole pads are proven to reduce injuries.

The crowd is cheering, the player is running down the court, he goes for the basket and makes it - and then proceeds to slam into the side of the backboard as he is coming down! Ouch! Injuries are one of the things that seem to happen more often than not in sports of any type, including basketball. A lot of the risks though can be mitigated by taking the proper precautions and investing a little in some modifications to your court that will make it a safer, more enjoyable experience.

A backboard pad is - just as the name suggests - a padding system that is designed to provide a way to reduce the impact of you against the edges, sides and back of the backboard. It also covers up the supporting hardware that holds up the backboard and hoop C keeping fingers and other body parts out. The most dangerous part of a backboard is the sides, as they are sharp 90-degree angles that can pack quite a hurt if they come into contact with you. Backboard padding covers these sharp corners up so that instead of a hurt you will get at most an "ouch".

The board edges can hurt big time, it is a good idea to put pads around the board.

They have been proven to reduce serious injury in players and cost relatively little to install. Backboard pads are essentially foam-based products (usually) that wrap around the major areas of the backboard that is exposed. They come in a wide range of colors to compliment any basketball court layout and often are as easy to install as just slipping it over the offending backboard piece or snapping it together around supporting poles and other hardware. Backboard pads, combined with safe playing skills, can reduce the number of serious injuries you and your family experience. Their cheap price combined with the ease of install make it a basketball accessory no court should be without.

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