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Power-up your ankle for a better vertical jump! Ankle weights function as restraints that cause your muscles to adapted to a strained condition. When the weight is removed, higher power output by your ankle muscles is possible. In turn, the greater power output increases the height of your vertical jump and greatly reduces the post-jump muscle refractory period.

Features of Ankle Weights

Easy to use binding that wraps around the bottom part of your lower leg.

Carefully weighted grains of sand fills the interior of the ankle weight.

Wearable during game to maintain the perpetual strain on the ankle for quick adaptation.

You are training your ankle even when you are just walking or sitting!!

Caution of usage

The weight itself tends to slide up and down your lower leg when you jump, causing rash.

The sand tends to settle in the lower part of the weight and the concentrated mass of sand may collide with the ankle tendons.

Avoid over-tightening the lower leg binding which may obstruct blood flow.


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