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Basketball - 1 on 1

In some point in your basketball life, you will play a 1 on 1 game. If you are a hardcore basketballer with an ego, you probably enjoy 1 on 1 more than a team game!

If you want to proudly say OWNT, you better train up. If you give up because you are not tall enough, shame on you!

While it is true that public opinion agrees that Shaq will probably win Iverson in a 1 on 1 game on average - solely because Shaq can simple post inside for a high percentage inside score.

Iverson can easily outmaneuver Shaq, but he nevertheless has to resort to a lower percentage mid-range shot or 3-points.

If you are facing someone who is taller, know that stamina is more important, and rely more on your agility.

Even if it is a team game, sometimes you are required to play 1 on 1. When you find yourself closes to the basket with everybody else doing their things, this is where you get to add your personal offensive touch. Being able to execute a sequence of moves will greatly help you shake off the defender.

When the other team has isolated themselves so you have to face your opponent alone. When they do that, they determine that you are a defensive liability. Don't you just hate that? Brush up your defensive skills!!

If absolutely want to win a 1 on 1 game. Here are some tips:

1. Pick your opponent wisely. Naturally you want to pick someone who is smaller than you right? True, if you want to win, but you probably won't improve much by picking the small guys.

2. Drain his stamina - If he seems to smoke crack a lot, chances are he has poor stamina. Make 'em do more excessive moves such as drawing him out and then driving to the basket.

3. Stick to the fundamental. Aesthesis (coolness) don't win games, getting the ball to the hoops does. Stick to what works, save the experiment for practice games.

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