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Ready to Bring Your Basketball Skills to the Next Level?

Youth Basketball Tips

Youth Basketball Tips sheds light on youth basketball coaching at a wholly different perspective - specialism optimization.  YBT aims to provide information so that coaches can tailor training programs for individual players.  In this way, players will each have their own specialty on the court and they will excel in their specific roles.  Many Youth basketball coaches tend to discourage, if not forbid, individuality and embrace teamwork completely. This type of basketball coaching falls into the trap of ignoring the fact that occasional individual plays give rise to more effective teamwork, not to mention that it is a morale booster.  In short, teamwork is important, improving individual skills is also essential.

To improve individual basketball skills in passing, shooting, dribbling, rebounding, and defense, we employ the method of isolation: breaking each basketball move into "sub-moves", or freeze frames of steps that will can be combined smoothly to make the basketball move. 

Not only will the basketball move be broken down into steps, when deemed necessary, the movement of each body part will also be discussed in isolation.

Apart from the isolation method that teaches each basketball skill step by step, we dare to claim to be most comprehensive basketball online diagnosis clinic.  Having problems with your shooting?  Describe how you shoot in details and chances are, we can give you some instant tips on what to change and how to change.

In terms of training programs, we are glad to present you, a renowned basketball training website that shares the same view and theoretical underpinnings as we do when it comes to basketball training.  For each basketball skill, offers you a set of DVDs that guides basketball players from the beginning to mastery one technique, one step at a time.  Every aspect of a basketball skill is broken down into chewable bits for you.  What's more, each of the DVDs have its troubleshooting section for each basketball technique.

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